A Row of Trees

The Journal of The Sonic Art Research Unit

About a row of trees

Part of the sonic art research unit out of Oxford Brookes University, a row of trees is an online journal started by Patrick Farmer.

Whilst the rumblings of the journal were present for many years, it wasn’t until the ‘On Vibration‘ lecture series, which so far has run from April-June 2021, and April-July 2022 (with guest lectures from Nisha Ramayya, LD Deutsch and Daniela Cascella) that it became a possibility. This, I have no doubt, arose from the wonderful participants, without whom, it would surely still be a germ.

a row of trees attempts to loosen the bounds between disciplines, and is committed to publishing new works across a variety of fields, backgrounds and mediums.

Editors (volume 1, issues 1 & 2): Patrick Farmer, Kelly Krumrie, Jaroslav Froněk

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